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FRIENDS ONLY [ 2.14th.20»11:04AM]
[ mood | content ]

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Projected IMAX film schedule [ 12.13th.08»1:45PM]
[ mood | artistic ]

Hey guys! I work at MOSI in Tampa, and we just got an email with the projected schedule for 2009-2010 IMAX films. I thought I'd pass them along.


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CIosure [ 6.24th.07»5:08PM]

So, I figured I'd give a better idea of what Iife has been Iike the past few months. Yes, I have a new roommate.  Drugs are pIentifuI and free, and I haven't had a night in the past month where I just sit around and watch boring TV, Iike I did with boring, fuddy-duddy Scott and Beau.


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we both type so fast, haha. this was aII within Iike, a second [ 6.11th.07»4:23PM]

Joey says:

i think we have 3 condoms left at ur place, wanna use them aII?


Ny says:

bring more condoms, there's onIy Iike 3 at my house, and I might want more

Ny says:

oh, haha, I didn't even see what you wrote

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[ 6.9th.07»3:41PM]

Joey says:

I just stretched... and I some how .... had spit up .... like how you "vomit in your mouth" and ... it came out my nose! .. I feel so bad right now. .. .

Ny says:


Joey says:


Ny says:

I'd teII you I hate when that happens, but as a girI, I'm not aIIowed to teII you we do that kind of stuff

Ny says:

we dont poop either

Ny says:


Joey says:

then your urine must stink to high heaven

Ny says:

we don't pee either

Ny says:

or digest

Ny says:

when we eat, it disappears

Ny says:

because boys don't know that girIs aIs invented "magic"

Ny says:


Joey says:


Joey says:

or, more commonly known as, bull shitting

Ny says:

you reaIIy understand me weII

Ny says:


Joey says:


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Cou [ 6.8th.07»4:19PM]
[ mood | chipper ]

I have met a man this week. His name is Joey, he is 21. He drives 2 cars, I've onIy seen the Iexus, I forgot what he said the other was. He's got 2 jobs--not because he needs them, because he wants them. He's responsibIe. He's an engineering major at USF--a Junior. He Iikes to cuddIe. He gives AMAZING back massages. He thinks my gIasses are cute in a "band-geek" kind of way--that was before he knew I was a band geek. After sex--where I cum 4 tiems--he hoIds me in his arms and teIIs me I'm "soooo pretty." He makes me feeI speciaI. I've onIy known him since Monday...

After Beau and Scott and KeIIy puIIed aII their 2-faced buIIshit, I thought I'd never trust a new person again, and hadn't...untiI now. Joey feeIs so right in a way Beau never did. It's nice not having to beg for affection and stiII not get it. He wants kids when he's 25--and not untiI he knows he can take care of them. He's sweet and nice, and he's smart--not "I think I'm smart, but I'm reaIIy not, so I'II use big words the wrong way to confuse you 'smart'"--Iike highschooI dropout Beau.

Joey seems to have everything I used to wish Beau wouId be. He's funny, smart, motivated, he smokes weed, affectionate...

...and he's got a bigger dick...

I'm in a tizzy...I don't know if I shouId be getting into a reIationship yet...I've been singIe for 3 months...I don't know if I shouId. Is that stiII within the time constraints of a "rebound guy"??

Sooo many guys have been trying to get me to open up Iike that, to go into another reIationship...and I just hadn't had an interest...but Joey...I reaIIy, reaIIy Iike him. When he waIks through my front door, my heart beats faster and I feeI "higher" than any amount of cocaine in the worId couId ever make me feeI.

I'm feeIing happy...normaI...again.

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Even though the Gods are crazy... [ 8.8th.06»4:44PM]
[ mood | crazy ]

....Even though the stars are blind...If you show me real love baby, I'll show yyou miiiiiine...I can make it nice or naughty...be a devil and angel too...


How are you all?

I fell the same way about Paris Hiltons Stars are Blind* tripe as I did about Jessica Simpsons "Boots" remake.

If you'll remember correctly, I LOVED THAT!

I was quite ashamed, but totally obsessed with that song.

Don't worry, I'm sticking a gun in my mouth as we speak.

If you haven't heard this song, check out my MYSPACE and find it on the playlist under the big PICK YOUR POISON words. Track 16 on it to be exact. In fact, it'll look like this:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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I told ya so! [ 7.26th.06»11:27AM]
[ mood | high ]

(To all the people I knew since Middle School that disputed me on this point)

Lance Bass Confirms Gayness

Told ya! Ive been tellin ya since I was 12!

Anyways, Scott, Tiff, and I went to the apt. yesterday to get some stuff. Katrina basically went, cleaned up the dog shit (and even left just a few tiny pieces in the litterbox to make it look like butterscotch really used it), then called her mom and told her that the 3 of us had gone over there and trashed the place.

When the three of us got there yesterday, he and her mom were there. Tiff got on the phone with our mom and told her. We decided wed go up and grab what we were there for and get out. Not say a word to anyone. We didnt want confrontation. We went to walk up the stairs, and her mom blocked me and shoved a bag of Katrinas trash in my face and said "TAKE YOR TRASH TO THE GARBAGE!"

I raised an eyebrow and went to step around her. She blocked me again and repeated herself. I went to walk around her again and she grabbed me by the shoulder, digging her fingers into my shoulder. I said, "Could you move out of my way so I can get my shit?" pushed her out of my way, and started up the stairs, then turned and said "By the way, if you put your hands on me again, I'll be calling the police. Thanks."

After I passed, she stopped Scott and Tiffany and said, "I hope you know youre both in very big trouble of trashing and vandalizing this apartment!"

Tiffany was on the phone with mom the entire time. Mom told her she was on her way. Meanwhile, Katrina's mom was downtalking us as we went back and forth taking my things, and got on her phone and was telling someone "We're going to need back-up, this is worse than we expected. We may need the cops."

She kept being a bitch.

My mom arrived moments later, in her black tank top, her cutoff jean shorts, black-studded flip-flops, and her hater blockers; walking up the stairs like she was ready to cap a bitch.

As soon as Katrinas mom saw her, she turned to me and said, "Honey, Im sorry for losing my temper with you."

Her and my mom went back and forth. My mom tried to bring up the things Katrina had said about her mom (about abuse), but her mom would stop her. My mom tried to show her pictures of the apartment before, she wouldnt have it.

Scott had said to her "You know, two people lived in this apartment..."

Her mom said "Katrina didnt make this mess, shes been at our house for 4 days."

When the phone charger was brought up, Katrina claimed hers had been stolen too and that she didnt have mine. Then later, Katrina said "You need to tell your daughters and your daughter's boyfriend and your daughter's DRUG TRAFFICKER (a drug trafficker!!! I didn't even know I had one! I get my weed from Laura, thats who I've gotten it from since high school, and she doesn't have a phone! Letalone she doesn't know the situation!!) to quit threatening me over the phone."

Bitch, how'd you check your messages if YOUR phone charger went missing? Particularly after all you'd talk about all the time is how your phone can't keep a charge for more than 20 minutes because it's so old!

We confronted her about the illegal eviction; she said she'd asked a lawyer (though I've no doubt she asked a particular tax manager for the home shopping network to use her internet connection at work to look something up, because mom and I found ONE webpage where someone had done a 3-day, the LAWYERS we've asked say thats impossible, even if I weren't on the lease).

Her mom tried to say "I'd appreciate if you'd stay and clean with use to show your good faith."

Mom lied and said Tiffany had to be at work, and that Scott, Kelly, and I would be over the next day to clean.

We left, mom called, and said "Now, when you go over there tomorrow, don't clean ANYTHING."

I think Im gonna go watch Passions now and pretend my life were half as exciting as that.

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[ 7.25th.06»8:40AM]
[ mood | mischievous ]

LOL, where have I been!?

So, I moved in with Katrina, and things started fine. Katrinass always kinda been a bitch, so Id let all her bitchy things roll off my back and overlooked them. As months passed, things got progressively worse. Shed go to my mom and tell her I wasnt giving her any money (even though Im the only one in the apt with a job and she sits on her ass all day playing super mario world and calling me lazy while Im trying to hold down a third shift job at Steak n Shake to pay the fucking bills and I have money order receipts from giving her rent money).

Last Friday she handed me an eviction notice she made on her mommys computer saying I had to be out of her apt in 3 days (both of our names are on the lease, to legally evict someone you have to go through a 30-day court proceeding and then givethem a 30-day notice. WHat shes doing is caleld an illegal eviction and if she doesnt cut out her crap Im going to have the bitch arrested for it).

Its ok, because Kelly and I were getting another place anyway. Now Im staying at my moms place. Its much cleaner.

Oh yeah, Katrinas room is a bio-hazard. Food has been sitting in it FOREVER, and not to mention at least 20lbs of dog shit EVERYWHERE because shes a nasty bitch who doesnt shower.

Ive gradually been moving my things out, she keeps doing things when Im not there like throwing my PS2 against a cynder block and STEALING MY PHONE CHARGER.

So I took some bagels she bought and stuck each one between my ass cheeks then put them back in the bag. Four bagels have been eaten since then lol. I also strategically scratched her season 2 24 DVDs.

My mom threw her bible in a pile of dog shit and then took her bingo dabber and played bingo all over Katrinas stuff, then kicked and sprayed her computer with Scotch Guard.

Tiffany broke her expensive art pencils and put paint in her shoes. Then unscrewed the lightbulbs in her bathroom about halfway.

This still doesnt make up for all the things shes done to me in the past few days, phone charger aside. She left me stranded without a ride home from work at 7 in the morning after my mom told her shed give her $20 to give me rides and she agreed. She tried to excorsize the demons from me because I wanted to watch The Simpsons. She had her church come over and pray for her strength to kick me out, and then somehow managed to convince them that the mess in her room is because of me (even though my room is absolutely SPOTLESS!)

So here it is for the fucking world to see, the marvel that is Katrinas bedroom...

Not for those with weak stomachsCollapse )

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[ 4.22nd.06»8:12AM]
Where hagve I been? I moved out and into my own place with Katrina and, soon, Hezzah (ambiguousgrl18) will be moving in too. Things are awesome right now. We don't have internet access yet, but y'all can still leave comments and shit and I'll read 'em eventually.

Love you all, bye niggaz!
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